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ACQUA PANNA Still Natural Mineral Water, PET Bottle 330ml, 24 pack

Acqua Panna is a natural mineral water. It is bottled at the source in Tuscany, Italy.
QAR 88.00
Acqua Panna is a fine dining still water, filtered by the earth for a special mineral balance and smooth taste. Create a special occasion at your own table.
Features & Benefits
Acqua Panna is the result of an epic journey.
Crafted by nature since 1564, it flows through the beautiful, sun-drenched hills of Tuscany.
Each drop is naturally filtered and perfected by time on its 14-year journey to the spring, obtaining a special mineral balance for a smooth and delicious taste, like no other.
Typical analysis (mg/l)
Bicarbonate 106
Calcium 32.2
Sulphate 22.0
Chloride 7.8
Sodium 6.6
Magnésium 6.5
Nitrate 2.9
Potassium 0.8
pH at the source 8.0
Total Dissolved Solids at 180ᴼC: 141 mg/l
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