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S.Pellegrino 0.50 L PET Bottle

S.Pellegrino is a carbonated natural mineral water rich in minerals. It is bottled at the source in San Pellegrino Terme, Bergamo, Italy.
QAR 23.75
S.Pellegrino is a fine dining sparkling water, perfect for pairing with food thanks to its gentle bubbles and its perfect mineral balance.
Features & Benefits
S.Pellegrino is an icon of the Italian lifestyle and one of the world's most renowned sparkling natural mineral waters, appreciated by sommeliers and top chefs.
Born in 1899 with the foundation of the Sanpellegrino Company, S.Pellegrino flows from the foothills of the Italian Alps after a 30-year journey through the underground rocks.
With its unique taste, S.Pellegrino inspires you to savour life and to enhance every moment.
Sulphate 401
Calcium 166
Chloride 49.6
Magnesium 49.5
Sodium 30.0
Nitrate 2.8
Potassium 2.1
Fluoride 0.5
Total Dissolved Solids at 180ᴼC: 853 mg/L
pH: 5.2
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