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Nestlé ® Pure Life® Drinking Water 5 Gallon Refill( 18.9 Liters )

18.9 Liters / 5 Gallon
QAR 11.00
NESTLÉ PURE LIFE is a promise of pure, great-tasting water your family can trust. Its light and refreshing taste, smooth texture and uncompromised quality that fulfill your family’s daily hydration needs.

How much water do I need?

Adults Adults
Kids Kids
We Recommend 5-Gallon bottles per week

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Product Information
As the #1 bottled water brand in the World, NESTLÉ PURE LIFE® helps families lead healthier lives by promoting healthy hydration. So make NESTLE PURE LIFE® bottled water part of your family's routine. Drinking 8 glasses a day of water is a way to help adopt a healthier lifestyle, especially with NESTLÉ PURE LIFE's low sodium formulation.
Features and Benefits
Our commitment to excellence is put into practice every day, as our water undergoes a 14-step quality process. Then, we enhance our purified water with a unique blend of minerals for great taste. NESTLE WATERS is committed not only on producing the best quality but also lead full compliance in all aspects of manufacturing standards.
Ingredients and Allergen Information
Average Composition in PPM
Bicarbonate 19
Chloride 66
Sulphate 24
Fluoride 0.1
Nitrate <0.1
Calcium 36
Magnesium 6.0
Sodium 7.5
Iron 0.01
Potassium 0.2
Total Dissolved Solids 105 ppm
Total Hardness 108 ppm
pH 7.1
Learn more about the water needs calculator
This calculation takes into account the minimum daily requirement of healthy adults and children who live in temperate climates and are drinking all their water exclusively from the 5 gallon bottles Remember that this requirement may vary depending on your age, gender and physical activity levels This calculation does not take into account the water used for cooking
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